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Air Force fighter pilot and rookie astronaut Martina Redrick is flying the space shuttle when disaster strikes. A satellite about to be repaired explodes above the cargo bay, damaging the shuttle and knocking the mission commander unconscious. But the explosion was no accident. When an unmarked spacecraft attacks the defenseless, crippled shuttle, Martina must save the ship and crew. And she soon discovers, returning to earth will not put them out of danger.


The shuttle isn’t the only target. Someone is systematically destroying US communication and surveillance satellites. Determined to protect America’s assets, the President sends Martina and Navy pilot Rachel Ansetti back into space, flying top secret space-fighters on a search and destroy mission.


However, the attacks are only the beginning of a far more sinister plan, which threatens the heart of the free world. Now it’s up to Martina and Rachel to stop them before it’s too late.


HELLFIRE is available online from these sellers:


EBOOK: Amazon


PAPERBACK: Createspace, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million




A test flight in the Hellcats, the Air Force’s new Top Secret fighters, plunges Martina Redrick and Rachel Ansetti deep into the midst of a deadly terror plot.


When an armed B-1 bomber makes a mayday call, Martina and Rachel are diverted to intercept the aircraft. Once the bomber is on the ground, they make a shocking discovery. The crew is dead and at the controls is a young F-22 pilot, Vince Carlton. Carlton claims he snuck on board to prevent a shadowy terrorist organization from hijacking the bomber for their own evil purposes, but evidence suggests he was actually the culprit.


The attempted theft is only the beginning. A mysterious figure is sneaking around the Hellcats, trying to learn their secrets. The terrorists are now targeting Martina and Rachel, hoping to steal their jets instead of the bomber. And when someone tries to kill Carlton, it becomes clear that things might not be what they seem.


With the terrorists plotting a devastating attack on U.S. soil, it’s once again up to Martina and Rachel to stop their diabolical scheme, and the fate of the nation rests in their hands.


FIREBIRD is available online from these sellers:


EBOOK: Amazon


PAPERBACK: Createspace, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million


Karla K. Goodhouse writes pure action/adventure. This isn't modern English class literature. There are no deep, hidden meanings, and she's not trying to make any statements. The novels are fun, fast-paced, action packed reads. If you want aerial combat, fist-fights, car chases, kick-ass heroes, and evil bad guys who plot to take over the world, pick up one of these books today. If you're a fan of Clive Cussler, James Bond and Indiana Jones, you'll love Karla K. Goodhouse.

The covers of HELLFIRE and FIREBIRD were created by The Paper Zombies Design Group. To see more of their work and for more information visit

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