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From an early age, Karla K Goodhouse had a very active imagination, telling stories before she even knew how to read or write. By age 8, she was scripting her adventurous day dreams into novels. Writing was always a hobby for Karla, but her true fascination was flight and she dreamed of becoming a pilot. Her writing and passion for aviation merged when Karla created Martina Redrick at age 13.


Karla was born and raised in rural New England. In college, she studied aeronautical engineering and martial arts. She wrote the first three Martina Redrick novels while in school. After graduation, Karla fufilled her dream of learning to fly, earning her commercial pilot ratings.


Given her passion for action/adventure books and movies, Karla's reading choices frequently include military historical fiction and cold war spy novels. She picks up the occasional fantasy or science fiction story and has read numerous books on flight and spaceflight, both fiction and non-fiction.

Karla's strongest early influence was Clive Cussler, whose books are classic adventure tales, suspenseful and fun to read. These days, she favors author W.E.B. Griffin, captivatingly well-written and extremely realistic tales of military fiction.

Movies have influenced Karla's writing just as much as books, particularly the James Bond Series. She is also a fan of Indiana Jones. Karla's extensive collection includes other action flicks, spy movies, war movies, aviation films, science fiction and classic comedies. The more complicated and twisting the plots, the better!

Aside from flying and writing, Karla's other hobbies include traveling and photography. She also enjoys working out, cycling and driving her roadster.

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